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On-Demand Executive Functioning Webinar

Structured prerecorded webinars to master skills

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Executive Functioning Skills Training

Executive Functioning is the "secretary" of the brain. This is a course designed to train and improve those skills for middle school, high school, college students, and even ADULTS! This course has specific tools to help parents teach their kids EF skills as well as learning yourself. Skills include: prioritizing, planning, organization, time management, decreasing distraction, reducing procrastination and overall study skills. This webinar has over 25 handouts, over 25 videos and content that usually takes 8-12 sessions to teach, meaning, with early bird pricing it equals about $15/session.

Early bird pricing only available for the next month! 

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On-Demand Workshops with Dr. Erin

The Executive Functioning Skills Series is an on-demand, prerecorded workshop available to you! What are the benefits of doing a workshop on-demand?

1. Price: This workshop will be much cheaper than an in-person workshop series with me. The price for the early bird pricing would equal about $15/session!

2. Available whenever, wherever, forever. Watch videos from your own room, rewatch as many times as you need, print and use the handouts!

3. Go at your own pace!

4. Available to anyone, anywhere! Not just limited to states where I'm licensed. 


1. While the workshop provides information that is important for everyone, it is generalized and not specific. If you're looking for more specific, individually tailored lessons, I'd suggest starting with the workshop and then, if you need more help applying them to your specific needs, reach out for some individual booster sessions!

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This Series will combine science based tools, easy to use and follow handouts, and videos with explanation and a little humor to help you learn and master your own brain.

Here's a promo video from my instagram, you can head there for more info, or click the link below to learn more!

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