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For help finding a provider related to specific symptoms/diagnoses, or based on specific treatments, or just to learn more about searching for a provider, click below or go to the Evidence-Based page above.

Below are several live talks or webinars by Dr. Erin. More to come!
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How are we today?



 Tyler Coe and his show, How Are We Today? is a great resource about mental health show! I've joined him for two episodes, one on anxiety and one on failure. 


Instagram Live with Ally Courtnall


Live instagram interview about all things mental health with Ally Courtnall, a Sports Illustrated model, athlete and mental health advocate.

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Parenting Forward


I joined Cindy Brandt on her podcast, Parenting Forward, to discuss anxiety. We specifically talked about anxiety in childhood and how to navigate parenting ​anxious children. 

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Happiness Planner


Zoom Webinar with Happiness Planner on all things anxiety, This is my full psychoeducation on anxiety and Exposure and Response Prevention. If you're curious about this, start here!

Watch Here

Below are handouts on various topics, for more like this check out Dr. Erin's Instagram!



Informational handout explaining validation including tips, examples, and ways to practice. 

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Ice Face TIPP Skill

Handout explaining distress tolerance skills including TIPP, specifically Ice Face, my favorite!

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Anxiety Psychoeducation

Basic psychoeducation on Anxiety and why we use ERP instead of distraction based coping. Check out the video with Happiness planner for a more in depth explanation.

Below are several websites (left) and videos (right) frequently used by Dr. Erin. 
*All photos from respective websites

Below are a small selection of favorite books.
For more resources, contact Dr. Erin 
*All photos from respective websites

Below are some videos and posts from Dr. Erin's instagram page.