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Dr. Erin provides only evidence based practice from within a Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy framework, while borrowing from additional theories and principles to provide effective care. Dr. Erin is dedicated to maintaining adherence to scientifically support treatments. If you have questions about what symptoms are treated and the treatment modalities used, please call or email!

Dr. Erin primarily works with children, teens, young adults and parents. However, there are always exceptions! Please reach out for more information. If I'm not the right provider for you, I'll help you find the right one. 


Parenting and Early Childhood


Behavior Problems


Obsessive compulsive Disorder


Selective Mutism

Generalized Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Panic Disorder



Mood Disorders

Medical Diagnosis Related 


Therapy Evaluation and Consultation

Individual Therapy

Parent Training

Executive Functioning Skills Training 


Consultation with doctors, psychiatry, teachers, parents and other providers, both for patient purposes and for learning/training with professionals

Consultation for assistance finding evidence based care in your area also available; Reach out and Dr. Erin can help you find your way



Psychological Testing


Evaluations for:


Learning Disability

General Diagnostics

Read more on the assessment page!

NEW Collaboration

Selective Mutism Intensive Treatment

Dr. Erin also has expertise in comprehensive treatment of Selective Mutism. 

If you're looking for a summer camp, check out Brave Seattle. 

If you think your child may have SM, or if you already have a diagnosis, reach out! 

Intensive treatment may include: parent workshops, school support, individual treatment and/or camps. 


Dr. Erin and Dr. Tracey of Brave Seattle during face painting at SM camp

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